His first tries with mixing future orientated music, was at the tender age of 16. During that time he inspired the mass at the youth club, where he grew up. Through his success, he quickly realised that he would need the necessary equipment to work on his DJ skills. He knew that his new passion was gnawing at his wallet. He had to postpone working on his dream for the moment and laid it on ice. After a short break the ice could be broken. Two new record players helped him with the break-through. But first, a lot of practicing was needed. A lot of time was thereafter spent in the studios.

The unrestrainedly will to influence the scene with own creations and not only to act as a consumer, gave him the thrive to continue in his way.

A certain fundament for his success was set as Calvin Palmer brought, together with his DJ partner, the party label “BANG” in 1999 to life. The first parties in the region of Rapperswil were greatly approved by the house community and bore fruits quickly. The acquaintance degree quickly increased by working within the party scene of Zurich. This was possible through the great presence in the suburban areas beforehand, which made it possible for “BANG” to be introduced in Zurich. “BANG” is a mix of House & Soul which was one of the reasons why they were frequently invited to gigs.

With the new label “HOUSEBANG”, which was introduced in Club Next, Wallisellen in 2000, new accents were set and a further success could be celebrated. House Music is here in the foreground. Both labels are active in the party scene in diverse regions and have found in the meantime a good share of faithful fans,
A new seed was sown on 6. July 2002, in form of the label “ELEGANZE”, which is a series of parties being held in the restaurant and bar “Blue Monkey”. This new label will create further emphasis in events and productions.
In the year 2004 he signed a contract with EURO MEDIA ( from Dubai, which promote him as an international DJ.

In Nov. 2005 he signed a contract with the german record label „Almost Heaven Records“ (

His first remix from Michaeal Watford, For your Love was released in spring 2006. Also in Nov. 2005 he played a DJ set at the TV station „Music Nation“ ( in Dubai. They streamed it worldwide over satellite in winter 2006. A second mix session at „Music Nation“ followed in the same year.

He is one of the organizers of "Flower BOMB", which takes place this year for the first time at the Street Parade.

His mixing styles are Deep House with jazz-funk influences and Tech House with rugged basslines.